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Magaziine is a new upcoming artist who is currently based in London . She is  originally from Tallinn, capital of Estonia.


She has been a world traveller for the past 7 years living in places like Barcelona, Ibiza , London that have influenced her and her music growth. She has been writing songs for more than 10 years and she is now producing her own music. She has released two original songs with music videos: "Ocean" and "Mine". Her musical sound is dark pop which is captivating and alluring you into her world. Her influences are artists like Evanescence, Prince, Banks, T.A.T.U, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Röykscopp and many others. Her latest release and  collaboration  "Destiny" with producer Seem Samuel is a deep house track which expands her style into a new realm. She has just returned from a successful tour in Guatemala where she expanded her fanbase and allowed new influences and inspiration to her music and sound.



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